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Contents in this blog are published in accordance with the Disclosure Compliance Policy that was released by Federal Trade Commission, back in 2015. The Disclosure Policy makes sure that the audience is aware of the type of sponsored, endorsed and promoted content they see on websites.

It means, if you are a visitor of the website, you should know if a particular link that you see is promoted and whether the website receives a commission if a visitor clicks on the link. In other words, the FTC Disclosure gives more conscience to the visitor community about what they see and what those links mean.

This FTC Disclosure Document addresses how this website treats affiliate links and which types of links you’d find on the site.

Affiliate Links and Commission

Affiliate Links found on the website are made for remuneration purposes. Depending on the type of link you click on, we may receive a certain amount of commission, given that you accomplish a particular task. Most of the links you find on the website are affiliate websites and they are used for generating commission from the clicks.

Understanding Affiliate Links

Affiliate Links are hyperlinks that lead the visitor to a particular product or service page. Depending on the service/product, you may land on various pages. When a visitor clicks on an affiliate link, the person will be lead to the product page, where they can purchase the product/service.

When the purchase is complete, we may receive a specific amount of commission from the website you purchased the product/service. It needs to be noted that our website doesn’t sell any product/service to its customers. When you click on an affiliate link, you will be redirected to the product website.

In our website, we use two types of affiliate links. All the external links you will find on the website would be included in any of the categories. We need to make clear that we’re not talking about other references we might make in-between content.

#1. Amazon Affiliate Links

Amazon Services LLC Associates Program is an affiliate advertising program from Amazon, the eCommerce giant. It is a platform through which websites can earn revenue by promoting products and services among their readers.

Our website is a part of the program and that is why you find Amazon product links while we talk about products. When you click on such affiliate links, you will be redirected to Amazon or Amazon-affiliated sites from where you can purchase the product or service.

#2. Product Affiliate Links

These affiliate links are leading the visitor into other products from third-party providers, and not Amazon. When the visitor visits the website and makes a purchase, our website will receive a certain amount of remuneration from the service/product provider.

Regarding the Commission We Receive

In both cases, affiliate links don’t increase the price you have to pay for the product. The commission is paid by Amazon/product website for promoting the website and not from the customer’s side. So, you do not have to worry that our affiliate links will eat up your money. In fact, some links are pre-equipped with a few promotional codes that you can save some money too.

Do You See My Personal Details?

No, Movie2show does not access, collect, or share any kind of personal details, including but not limited to email addresses, physical addresses, credit cards, SIP codes, etc. Instead, we add affiliate links that forward you to the corresponding website/webpage with a single click.

The Take on Sponsored Content

Our website doesn’t support the concept of sponsored content as much as it can. However, there are some instances where the product/service provider wants us to publish a sponsored review or article. All of such sponsored posts will be labeled ‘Sponsored’ and you will be notified about that before you start reading the content. Even while writing sponsored content, we try 100% to make the sound authentic and unbiased. It’s in order to make sure that our recommendations are positive for the customer.

How Can You Support Us?

Running a fully-fledged film industry blog like Movie2show requires a lot of effort, monetarily and otherwise. We believe in the idea of making tech accessible to everyone, and we want to keep it free for our readers. But if you like the job we are doing, you can help us in the following ways:

  • You can use a Movie2show referral link to purchase one of the products that you have been looking for.
  • Once you have bought such a product, you can leave a review, keeping things moving forward.
  • You can leave your valuable comments in the Comment box, helping others and enhancing the reach.
  • Last but not least, you can share our guides and articles with your friends and the public.

These steps, however small they may seem, will help Movie2show remain the trusted, independent tech blog that you can count on for unbiased content.

Why Should You Support Us?

At the end of the day, Movie2show believes in and stands for equal access to technology. Everything we do — how-to tutorials, guides, reviews, news reports, and critical pieces — is geared towards making today’s tech easier and more accessible to all our readers, regardless of any differences. Therefore, by supporting Movie2show, you are supporting thousands of people who need better suggestions and advice in selecting the right movie or show to watch.

We have designed our editorial policies and ethical takes in such a way that we always stand for people. We do not want to team up with privacy violators or conglomerates. On the other hand, Movie2show will always be a place where you can reach out for unbiased reports, reviews, and more. So, please make sure that you help us in every way possible so that we can keep this journey on the path of progress.

The Bottom Line

It does not matter what kind of promotional content we’re publishing — Affiliate Links or Sponsored Content —, our website gives you an unbiased opinion about products and services being recommended. It means that you can go ahead and purchase the products you like without hesitating about the quality. All of those recommendations have been personally tested or are based on real-life experiences. Our website does not publish sponsored content or insert affiliate links for the simple sake of commissions and readership.

We hope you now have a clear idea about the disclosure of advertising, revenue, and commissions via links, recommendations, and sponsored posts.

Thank you for support.

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