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Movie2show considers user privacy as one of the cornerstones of customer service. In this website, a user receives primary importance for the digital privacy. This document of Privacy Policy concerns the many manners how Movie2show collects and uses information from users. This legal document is applicable for all the services offered by Changes may be made in the document without direct and individual notice to the customers, and they are requested to keep track of the changes once in a while. The document has been classified into different sections for easy understanding.

Regarding the Information Being Collected by Movie2show

This section of Privacy Policy addresses the aspect of information collection, the types of information being collected etc.

Personally Identifiable Information

Personally Identifiable Information is collected by Movie2show through different methods and at many occasions. One of the many methods used collect such information is through online forms, which you may fill in while using the website. For instance, you may be required to input your name, email ID and website while trying to make a comment on a post. The information may be required for some other activities also, but Movie2show does not ask for personal information for visiting the website. Collection of personally identifiable information is completely voluntary and the user has the right to refuse from providing the data if they wish. However, refusal to provide information may cause the inability to use certain services offered by Movie2show.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Non-Personally Identifiable Information is collected through various methods whenever a user interacts with Movie2show website. Internet Protocol Address, ISP Details, Timestamp, Number of clicks and user’s movement across the website and several types of demographic information are examples for the kinds of non-personally identifiable information that are being collected by Movie2show. As the name suggests, this information cannot be used to identify the actual person behind. The collected information is stored in secure systems and is used for analysis purposes and improvement of the website and its services. It won’t be used for commercial purpose or with illegal intentions.

Web Cookies — Web Browser Cookies

Cookies are digital tokens used for user-experience enhancement. These tokens are used to keep records in your computer and are used when you access Movie2show again. Every cookie has its own validity and will be removed after the particular time. The user has the complete right to refuse the storage of cookies from Movie2show and the settings can be found in Browser options. There is also an option to notify when a website is trying to store a web cookie in your hard-drive. Movie2show, however, makes sure that the cookies are not used for tracking purposes and that user-privacy is always ensured. Refusal to access cookies may result in slight inconvenience or unavailability of certain features.

These are the different types of information being collected by Movie2show and the methods being used for the collection purpose.

Using The Information Being Collected

Information Movie2show collects — both personally identifiable and non-identifiable — may be used for the following purposes.

Improvement of Movie2show Website

Information collected from users of Movie2show may be used for improving the content, design and quality of the website. Movie2show may also use the information for creating user-demanded content such as articles and tutorials.

Improve Customer Service

The collected information helps Movie2show to serve the customer in the right way, clearing doubts and getting rid of possible issues. The information also helps the team to reach out to the issues and offer an amazing support in no time.

Offer a Personalized User Experience

Both personally identifiable and non-identifiable information are used to offer a personalized experience for the users of Movie2show. As mentioned earlier, web browser cookies may be utilized to enhance total user-experience.

Sending Emails/Newsletters

The information may be used to send emails to the users of Movie2show, in case of urgent matters and emergency notices. Emails may also be sent for fixing issues and answering common queries raised by users of the site. In addition, if users have subscribed to the email newsletter, the ID will be used for sending the newsletter on a regular basis. In this case, however, the user has an option to withdraw participation from the mailing list, by clicking on the Unsubscribe button. Further details of removing subscription can be found on the email newsletters themselves.

Information collected is used for the abovementioned methods, with 100% security and privacy.

Protection of Information Collected

Movie2show uses a variety of methods to ensure the best safety for user-information. The protection is offered in digital and physical manner and the information is free from accidental damages and attacks by other agents.

Disclosure of Information to Third-Parties

Movie2show has a strict policy against the sale, trading or renting of personally-identifiable information with third-parties. This particular type of information is 100% safe with us unless demanded by the authority and law enforcement agencies. On the other hand, non-personally identifiable information may be shared with our partners, trusted affiliates and other trusted networks for a number of reasons, including the purposes mentioned in the above section. As it has been mentioned earlier, sharing such information helps the site to offer a more personalized and authentic user-experience.


Native ads and advertising-network-based ads do appear on Movie2show website. The network might be using cookies during the process to offer you a standardized and personalized advertising. The cookies may be used to collect non-personally identifiable information from Movie2show users and then to tailor the best ads for you. This Privacy Policy document does not cover the area of such cookies in use.

Ads via Google AdSense

Movie2show uses AdSense as one of its ad-delivery networks. AdSense may be using DART Cookies to ensure the best delivery of advertisements to the customers. Although the cookies collect non-personally identifiable information like IP address, there is no intention of user-tracking. However, Movie2show has no right over the use of such cookies and further queries should be cleared by referring to Google policy.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Movie2show reserves the complete right to change the privacy policy at any time, without prior notice to customers. It is the responsibility of the reader to visit the privacy policy page on a regular basis and understand how Movie2show uses information that is collected through the website. It needs to be noted, however, that major changes will be notified to customers who have opted for the newsletter. All other visitors of Movie2show has to visit this page to keep track of the changes.

Acceptance and Acknowledgement of Privacy Policy

By continuing to use the website and services of Movie2show, you agree to this privacy policy and do acknowledge the same. Your use signifies the acceptance of the terms covered above and will be deemed the same so long as you keep using Movie2show website. Readers have complete right to refuse from using the website if they do not agree with the privacy policy terms.

It needs to be noted that the privacy policy is applicable for Movie2show and related services only. The third-party websites being featured on Movie2show are not governed by this policy. In case you are using such services via Movie2show, you are requested to refer to the corresponding privacy policy of the site before proceeding.

The policy is only applicable for online data collection and does not have an effect on offline methods of data collection, distribution or storage.

Contacting Movie2show

The following methods can be used to contact Movie2show, regarding any issues that deal with the privacy policy and related concepts. You can use the same methods for other concerns as well.

  • Contact Us Page of Movie2show

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