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When you use the services offered by Movie2show, which includes accessing the website as well, you do agree with the Terms and Conditions proposed below and acknowledge the same. If you don’t follow the conditions given below, you are free to refuse from using Movie2show. We reserve the complete right to edit the Terms and Conditions at any time, and readers are requested to keep checking the pages frequently. It needs to be noted, however, that radical changes would be notified via email if you are a subscriber.

1. License of Usage

Visitors of Movie2show are provided a limited license for accessing the content published on the site as well as related services, given their adherence to the Terms and Conditions. Apart from the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions at any time, Movie2show also has the right to terminate any of the above mentioned licenses, for any reason.

2. User Responsibility

Movie2show publishes a wide variety of content, belonging to different sub-categories and niches. It is sometimes also acting as a repository of information, which may have been collected from other sources. In addition to that, Movie2show has no claim on the overall accuracy of the content being posted. Also, the user-posted content that a user might find in Movie2show does not belong to the opinions or views of Movie2show or affiliate entities. Content posted by users is the voice of the corresponding person.

In addition to the content posted on Movie2show, there are third-party links that a visitor can find in the Movie2show blog. A published link does not mean that Movie2show endorses the particular website or that there is an affiliate between the linked website and Movie2show. The links are added for reference purposes and cannot be considered as a token of affiliation. The Terms and Conditions page also makes it clear that Movie2show is not responsible for the content published on third-party websites that is being linked, however inappropriate or offensive it may be.

3. Features

Some features of Movie2show are offered to third-party aggregators using APIs. The visitors are asked to use the services with respect while reassuring the fact that Movie2show has the complete right to make changes to the features, offer some new features or terminate the existing ones.

4. Intellectual Property (Trademarks and Copyright)

Movie2show, the logo of Movie2show, the design and tagline are trade-dress or trademark of the Movie2show entity. None of the abovementioned elements should be used without the proper, explicit permission from Movie2show. Reproduction without explicit permission may result in legal disputes. It should be noted that Movie2show does not have any rights to the other trademarks being used in the website and the ownership is attributed to the respective owners.

The trademarked content you find on Movie2show, including the logo, design, graphics, software, and kinds of compiled content that visitors find on Movie2show, are solely the property of the Movie2show entity. These properties are protected by the International Copyright Laws, based on which actions can be taken for copyright infringement-related issues. Original content that visitors find on Movie2show must not be reproduced without the proper permission from owners.

Copyright infringement notices would be addressed by Movie2show, based on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

In our articles, whenever required we use logos of the websites, apps, etc. Those logos, trademarks are owned by the respective owners and we don’t hold any copyright of such logos, etc. We are using such logos for fair use and to elaborate the topics in detail.

5. No Warranty and Limitation of Liability

Content published on Movie2show is done for educational purposes only. Misuse of the content is up to the person and the authors or Movie2show administrators would be held responsible for the same. The visitors are requested to follow the steps and tips at their own risk. Although the steps and tricks have been tested by the author, there is no assurance from the Movie2show side regarding their efficiency. So, Movie2show will not be responsible for the harm that may be caused by those steps.

Different types of links are published on the Movie2show website, but the following scenarios need to be considered and Movie2show will not be responsible for them.

  • If a particular file linked is not available
  • If the abovementioned file consists of malicious content, such as viruses, malware and other attacks.

The users are requested to use an antivirus program and ensure the safety of the file before opening. It is also advised to keep a backup of important files on the computer. It also needs to be noted that some of the mentioned tutorials may require system-level changes, particularly dealing with installations. In such a quite complex situation, file backups and registry backups are quite useful.

According to these Terms and Conditions, you do agree to the use of Movie2show and related services at your own discretion, and you are held responsible for any kind of consequences that follow. In any type of circumstances, Movie2show won’t be responsible for the direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages that have been caused by the user.

Other types of damages, due to misuse, interruption, inability to use, incurred through links that are being found on Movie2show, non-performance, etc. are not to be held responsible by Movie2show. Upon the occurrence of such issues, the visitor has all the right to do nothing but stop using the services by Movie2show and affiliates. On another note, if you belong to some states that don’t liability or incidental damages to be excluded, the abovementioned terms are not applicable to you.

Movie2show disclaims any implied warranty for its services being offered through this website. It does mean that Movie2show provides its services in their true form and does not attach aspects like an implied or statutory warranty for them. This document makes it clear that users of Movie2show have no right to claim a warranty under any circumstances. As aforementioned, Movie2show users are requested to use the website at their own risk and discretion.

6. Other

Throughout the use of the website, Movie2show and a visitor stay as independent entities. The use of the website does not create any kind of affiliate, partnership, agency, or franchise between the two. It means that the visitors are treated equally.

The Terms and Conditions mentioned above are governed by the Laws of the state of New York and stay between Movie2show and the user of Movie2show. Upon the presence of illegal statements or unenforceable parts of the terms and conditions, visitors are welcome to raise disputes, directly with the Movie2show entity, whereupon necessary changes will be made. It needs to be noted, nevertheless, that illegality of a particular term or phrase does not impact the validity of the document overall or the part being continually available. All such notices and disputes can be raised through the Contact Us page of the Movie2show website.


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